Affiliation with C&K

Chicken coop 01At Kippa Ring Kindy we use C&K's Building Waterfalls curriculum to enhance the learning and development of each child.  This is used alongside the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), to provide a program that supports the children's learning and growth in relation to their sense of identity, connection with the world around them, interest and involvement in learning and effectiveness of communicators.  The relationship between Building Waterfalls and the Early Years Learning Framework is complimentary and supportive.

Making Learning Fun and Meaningful

Our kindy program is child-led and the children's knowledge, interests and experiences are the foundation of our classroom play and learning.  Children are co-constructors of the program, educators genuinely listen to, act on and respond to information shared by children.  


Buidling Relationships

At Kippa Ring Kindy we start to develop our relationships with the children from enrolment through to their early years at school.  We offer playdates prior to the children starting their kindy year with us as well as holding kindy catch ups in the Prep year.  We understand how intentional teaching moments and incidental moments are of critical importance in building relationships with the children.  As stated in our Philosophy, we believe children are capable and competant.  We want to be co-constructors in their learning and scaffold their learning to ensure they are supported, but also have the space to lead the exploration of their own ideas and build on their skills.