Hours and Responsibilities

Our centre offers two kindergarten programs, either, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8.50am - 2pm or Thursday and Friday from 8.30am to 4.15pm.  The programs, whilst unique to the needs of each group, are both  play based, educational programs embedded in the community and complementary to entry into the prep year.

Please note each year the hours of operation may change according to the needs of our families on our Wait list. A survey is sent out early in the year before Enrolment offers are given to assess the needs of the community. 

Learning Through Play

Much of the debate in early year’s education focuses on how educators should be teaching our children.  Just as a baby has to crawl before they can walk, so too do children have to pay their dues in the “sandpit trenches”.  Children must be allowed to naturally progress through their own unique stages of learning.  A curriculum that features child-initiated experiences ensures young minds continue to develop.  To make sure we nurture and develop our future generations of thinkers, play is an essential component of a quality early childhood educational experience. 

Research has shown play is the best exercise for the brain because it provides the perfect stimulus needed for brain development.  The Canadian Government’s Early Years Study (McCain & Mustard 1999) concluded:

“Play based problem solving with other children and an adult is an early learning strategy that has a crucial effect on early brain development and should be the format for children entering the school system.”

Play that encourages problem solving offers children an array of opportunities to explore, discover and create.  Play fosters qualities such as curiosity, perseverance and risk taking, to name a few. It is believed these qualities motivate lifelong learners but are difficult to invoke if not self-discovered when young.

"If we remove play from children’s lives we remove a possibility for learning". Carla Rinaldi.

The Role of Art

The visual arts are an essential part of children’s educational experiences and an integral component of the curriculum in C&K kindergartens and preschools.  Offering a strong visual arts program for young children stems from our understanding that the child has an intense desire to make sense of their world.  Drama, drawing, painting, photography, collage, clay work and construction (with real hammers and nails) are some of the most effective ways children have to design, imagine, construct and convey their understanding of the world in which they live. 

Rest, Relaxation and Sleep

We believe it is important to incorporate a balance of experiences for your child, including opportunities for rest and relaxation. There are many ways a rest/relaxation time can be incorporated into the day. These may include resting on a bed or a variety of quiet experiences such as reading, drawing, puzzle work, as well as other relaxation techniques.

Consideration is given to creating a restful atmosphere which is flexible and responsive to each individual’s needs. You are encouraged to discuss the specific needs of your child, in relation to rest/relaxation time, with your child’s teacher. 

Incurions & Exursions

From time to time excursions are held. These may include visits to a farm, theatre or other destination. There may be additional costs involved but we endeavour to keep them as low as possible.