Kindy Outdoors 03

At C&K Kippa Ring Kindergarten & Preschool we believe all children deserve to have a safe place in the world, a safe place to be, belong and become. We provide an inclusive environment that invites all children and their families to share their thoughts and voices. We value our diverse kindy community.

At our service we believe all children are capable & competent, brimming with success and achievements. At our service we want children to have a sense of agency and be co-constructors in their learning. Through educator reflection and planning, we intentionally support children to learn in their own ways, expand their ideas and experiences, and reflect to gain deeper understanding of the world around them. We also want children to feel empowered to contribute to our program. We use their ideas, thoughts and hypotheses to inform our routines, learning and play.


Our service values a rich natural and built environment to support the naturally inquisitive nature of children. Children learn through experience and we are intentional in creating spaces that provide all children with an environment in which they can learn and grow, using different skills and senses. We also recognise our role in helping children to connect with nature, and learn their role in looking after the environment around them.

We recognise the value of giving children unhurried time and space to “learn' in the moment. Immersed in an infinite process of creation, imagination and appreciation, children thrive in their every present moment.

Our service recognises the importance of ongoing professional development, reflection and collaboration for teachers and educators to ensure our kindy continues to grow with our children, families and local community.