Kindy indoors 0777Kippa-Ring Community Kindergarten and Pre-school is a not for profit association and for over forty-five years has been a focal point for the children of the Peninsula.  It began when a group of people within the community saw a need.  All that you see is testimony to the vision and hard work of families, community and staff over the years.  Life here revolves around children and providing the very best environment for optimum learning.  Here, community, families and staff come together in a uniquely personal way providing a positive and dynamic springboard to life and education by acknowledging and respecting families from culturally diverse backgrounds.!

By choosing to be a part our Kippa – Ring Community Kindergarten and Preschool your family will become a part of a long tradition in quality early childhood education affiliated with C&K Queensland.  C & K Queensland has over 100 years of practical experience, curriculum development and proven positive outcomes for children this enables C&K to substantiate its claim to leadership in the early childhood sector.

To build genuine partnerships we believe it is important that all our staff value children and their families.  All our staff listen to families and appreciate the ongoing support of families who give their time and skills generously.  Kippa Ring Kindergarten & Preschool aims to engage children and families in a sense of community, cooperation and collaboration.  We encourage you to become actively involved in this centre.  Your involvement will enrich your child’s learning experiences and promote positive self-esteem.  Current research confirms what C&K has always advocated, that the experiences of young children have a profound effect on their future.